Five Warning Signs of Dementia

5 Warning Sings of Dementia

A common misconception regarding aging is that everyone develops dementia as they age. The truth is, people become forgetful as life hands them responsibilities. However, there is a difference between being forgetful once in a while and developing dementia. Dementia is an actual brain disorder that results in not only memory loss, but personality changes and other cognitive impairments, It becomes progressively worse and can end up being a completely debilitating disease. It is important to understand the warning signs of dementia, address them early, and get help as soon as it is needed.

1. Memory Loss

Memory loss is the most common and recognized symptom of dementia. This type of memory loss goes well beyond the basic forgetfulness that can accompany daily life, such as forgetting where you put your keys when running out of the house. This is a disruptive memory loss that makes living life virtually impossible. It may begin relatively innocently, such as forgetting to add an important ingredient to a meal you make regularly. However, it progressively worsens to where the person suffering forgets the names of their family members or even where the bathroom is in their own house. Eventually, they may forget how to feed themselves and how to use the bathroom.

2. Withdrawal

A person with dementia will begin to withdrawal from social activities and gatherings. Most of the time the individual feels embarrassed that he or she is so confused and cannot follow a conversation. Therefore, he or she retreats to being alone. This allows the person to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3. Personality Changes

Personality changes are one of the biggest indicators that someone is suffering from dementia. Part of the cognitive impairment associated with dementia leaves the sufferer feeling impatient and angry. This is not intentional. The person is no longer able to control his or her emotions. It is much like a young child. A young child is learning to control his or her emotions. Therefore, he or she has outbursts, is impatient, and gets angry when he or she does not get his or her way. A person with dementia is dealing with the same issues. This person has forgotten how to control his or her emotions and has the same reactions as a result.

4. Confusion

Along with memory loss, a person with dementia, or its beginning stages, is often confused. This person may not know what day it is or even what year it is. You will start to notice this person struggling to answer basic questions, such as who the President of the United State is or what day and time his or her favorite television program airs.

5. Poor Judgment

A person with the beginning stage of dementia will inevitably start to make bad decisions. This will be sporadic at first. Maybe this person will spend a lot of money on groceries that are not needed. Then, the decisions will get worse. They may start forgoing brushing their teeth or taking a shower regularly. They may even decide to give credit car information to telephone solicitors, which would have never happened in the past.

These symptoms of dementia are not to be ignored. They will not go away and if ignored, will only get worse. Once you start to see these symptoms, it is imperative that you get your loved one to a doctor immediately and develop a plan to care for this loved one as they begin to worsen. If you need help with care in your home or transportation to appointments, contact the caring experts at Spectra Care at 856.255.1100.