Help Replace the Veterans Center Roof

Reno Reali and Michael Van Stine are organizing this fundraiser for SpectraCare Foundation

The SpectraCare Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. SpectraCare Foundation is putting together the services offered at the Veteran Center, is the owner of the space, and oversees the renovations in the interim. This is to be the renovated Carlton Rouh Veterans center in Lindenwold. It is in dire need of a new roof. The materials and labor would be covered when we raise $20,000.00. Anything above the $20,000.00 or not needed for the roof will go to the other projects and services still needing funds so we can open the center as soon as possible.

The center is named after Captain Carlton Robert Rouh (May 11, 1919 – December 8, 1977) was a United States Marine who received the Medal of Honor for gallantry in risking his life to save the lives of two fellow Marines on Peleliu Island on September 15, 1944. First Lieutenant Rouh threw his body between his fellow Marines and an exploding grenade. Rouh had earlier earned a field commission and been awarded the Silver Star medal of gallantry during the Battle of Guadalcanal for action on October 9, 1942.

What will the Veteran Center Do and who will it be able to help once the center is renovated and opens?

  • There are several Veterans who have Masters and Doctor degrees who volunteer several days a week to fill out forms. JAG comes in a few days a week and Service Officers for Vet screening and services certification.
  • Once renovations are done there is a room designated for nurses where health screening can be done, when the center officially opens.
  • Connection with the food pantry, eventually we will be able to have food on hand to give away as needed. There is also a kitchen area where the plan is to have coffee.
  • There will be a lounge with big screen TV. Direct connection for Veteran Administration updates. Multimedia Video Screens. A history project video room. There will be a pool table, computers and internet service.
  • Classes offered on Diabetes and health conditions.
  • There will be Healing Arts and Animal Therapy programs.
  • Awards display and Military educational center.
  • Fulfill a wish program.
  • Walk of honor and outdoor park. The job would put a lot of people to work and build up the community for years to come. Veterans are one of the highest at risk populations for homelessness and suicide. 

I am a Iraq Combat Veteran and was asked to help put a roof on this center and I know we are stronger together, will you share and donate today? Warmly, Reno.

$1,295.00 raised of $20,000 goal!
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