Carlton R. Rouh Veterans Center

Captain Carlton R. Rouh (May 11, 1919 – December 8, 1977) was a United States Marine who received the Congressional medal of Honor for gallantry risking his life to save the lives of two fellow Marines on Peleliu Island on September 15,1944. Then First Lieutenant Rouh threw his body between his fellow Marines and an exploding grenade. During World War II, 21 Marines similarly used their bodies to cover grenades in order to save the lives of others. Four of these Marines survived — including Rouh and fellow Medal of Honor recipients Richard E. Bush, Richard K. Sorenson and Jacklyn H.Lucas.

The Carlton R. Rouh Veteran’s Center was established in his name and memory as a warm and vibrant place where South Jersey veterans can relax, socialize, learn, share, teach, inspire and mentor. It adjoins our open green space, fresh water creek and includes a Walk of Honor memorial.

The center is located within SpectraCare’s Lindenwold campus. It abuts a peaceful fresh water creek with lots of trees and serenity. It includes social and picnic areas. Inside is a lounge area for movies, games, and other social events. There are computer workstations throughout. A full kitchen is integrated. There are multiple office areas where trained professionals provide screening for sponsored programs, VA benefits and healthcare plan enrollment, and one-on-one counseling. There is a medical room for healthcare screening and monitoring. There is a training room available for indoor PTSD therapy sessions in art, photography, and music as well as classes ranging from vocational instruction, apprenticeship training, and life skills management seminars.

Our ribbon cutting, on May 11th, 2021 was held on the birthday of Captain Carlton R. Rouh.

The center as it was being constructed by our volunteers!