Help make a difference for those who have served and inspired us

    The SpectraCare Foundation is dedicated to its mission to develop and provide quality charitable, educational and support service within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We develop and manage programs that improve community and economic development, healthcare delivery, housing and living conditions as they affect vulnerable seniors, veterans and animals. We support and pursue research, education and training that enhances community, family and individual growth and protection from harm. We engage in public fundraising and in the design and implementation of our own program initiatives, as well as support those of like-minded organizations to accomplish shared quality impact.

Our Core Initiatives

“Veterans Challenge” – an initiative helping local veteran’s design and manage their own veteran’s social and support programs. “Camp Courage” – a Camden County, NJ planned transitional and permanent housing program for homeless or at-risk veterans and their amilies. “Veterans Advantage” – a unique multi-layered best practices initiative helping plug gaps in veteran’s services and insuring our nation’s veteran’s get the respect, care and services they have earned and deserve with dignity. “Seniors Advantage” – our unique multi-layered best practices initiative that helps local seniors and their families receive better care and live independently longer and happier. “Elder to Elder”, “Pets for Vets” and “Pets for Rets” – our combined programs with area animal shelters helping place senior pets with senior vets, police, fire and other first-responder retirees under social service supervision. “Fulfill-a-Wish” programs for select members of our service groups to receive special recognition and have a once in a lifetime experience.